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Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Allies MartiniLeLapin Crop

OK, this is the first time I have ever blogged, so do not crucify me—I am really a nice person.   I tried the ALLIES MARTINI tonight.   This is a mixture of gin, dry vermouth and Jagermeister.   Aside from being my first blog attempt, this was also the first time I have tried Jagermeister.  The bottle has a cute stag with antlers, a cross and German writing on the label.  I took German in college, but that didn’t help.    I have to say that this is part of my alcohol education that I could have happily missed and not felt the omission in the slightest.

The drink was a pleasing gold color and the scent was sort of earthy and spirited.   So, I jauntily took my first sip from my beloved penguin martini glass <insert cartoon figure of eyes bugging out and an unpleasant shiver going down my back>.  OK, the only articulate word going through my mind was YUCK, not sure if I can drink the whole thing.   I took another sip and it wasn’t as bad as the first, no gagging or uncontrollable body movements.   I went in for a third, not as bad as the first.   Maybe the first sip had anesthetized my nerve endings or tastebuds.

My advice to any who try this:  knock back the first sip and then drink the rest quickly while it is still chilled and your tastebuds haven’t recovered from the initial onslaught.  For the man’s perspective, my husband tried it.  He said, “I will not make this again.”   I think that about sums it up.   This is perhaps an acquired taste that I have not yet to appreciate.

~ by leahlair on October 23, 2009.

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