Allen Cocktail

Thursday, October 22, 2009
Allen Cocktail

LeLapin CropThe second experiment, oh, I mean, the second cocktail in the Great Martini Experiment was the Allen Cocktail.  This one was a refreshing departure from the first one.   It is comprised of gin, Maraschino liquor and lemon juice.  I didn’t add the lemon twist garnish, but I do not think that made much of a difference.   If I had one comment on the recipe book (The Martini Book by Sally Ann Berk) we are using (henceforth shortened to “The Bible”), I would like to know the derivation of the names of the drinks.  Yes, for most of names I can figure out the connections, but some remain a mystery.

Anyway, I am getting to like gin more.  In the past I used to think that it was just good for gin and tonics at the end of the day, well that and to stave off bouts of malaria.    We used a non-descript brand based on finances rather than taste and quality.   We did, however, use the Cadillac of cherry liquors.   Maraschino is a clear cherry liquor, Luxardo is an Italian brand.   We’ve used this for other cocktails in the past, especially for an absolutely delicious concoction called a “Hemingway Martini” (rum, grapefruit juice, lime juice, sugar syrup and Maraschino).    Perfect for warm spring and summer evenings when you hang out watching the sun set and before you fire up the barbie.

At first glance, you would think this would be a sweet drink but this cherry liquor is not as sweet as you would think and the lemon in the drink also cuts any incipient sweetness that would be present.  This drink was is easy to sip.  The picture in The Bible had a slight lemony color to it, but when made, it was clear, like water (well, like most water).  Altogether this is a drink I would make again, it was pleasant and drinkable.   It gets a thumbs up.

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