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Friday, October 23, 2009
Aperitivo  Martini

Saturday, October 24, 2009
Armada Martini

LeLapin CropI am a bit behind so to catch up, there are two cocktails in this post.    The first is the Aperitivo.

Truly a week of firsts for me:   first blog, first encounter with Jagermeister.  Now,  Sambuca.  For some reason, I had it in my head that this was coffee flavored, or I hoped it was coffee flavored.   Alas, it is not.  My education continues.   It is anise flavored.   I am not a licorice fan.   At least it is Italian.

The cocktail itself was gin, Sambuca, and orange bitters.  Well, it was definitely anise flavored, and sweet.   The sweetness worked in its favor and killed some of the licorice flavor, as did the orange bitters, which in my book is a good thing.  The orange bitters didn’t have a pour spout on the bottle, and that created a bit of a mess, but we overcame that.  

If you like anise then this is would be a good drink.  It is also VERY strong, even a short one.   Hiccup.

The Saturday evening martini was the Armada with vodka and amontillado sherry.   It was supposed to be garnished with an orange twist, but I didn’t have any handy so I used a Maraschino cherry, which seemed to work out quite well. 

 It was a busy Saturday (but then what Saturday isn’t?), taking my daughter to ballet rehearsal—she has three parts in the Christmas production and an understudy.   Yikes.   Then, my husband and I had to test cocktails for the big school fundraiser in a couple of weeks.   This is our 6th year of doing the bar for this school fundraiser and, thankfully, it is our last.   The auction chairs wanted two specialty cocktails this year, one being a whisky sour and the other a gimlet of some extraction.   The secret of a whisky sour is to make your own sour mix (basically simple syrup and fresh squeezed lemon).    I had never had a whisky sour before, but it turned out well, I guess, not quite my cup of tea—I prefer Manhattans with rye.   The gimlet is very, very basic (gin or vodka if you prefer, and lime juice), so I searched for something to dress it up a bit and make it “auction worthy”.   I finally came up with a pomegranate gimlet.  It is seasonally appropriate and colorful. 

After all that, I still had to try the next martini on the list.  In my case, the Armada.  My hubby was out with some buddies, so I used my sister has my guinea pig.   I served homemade pizza for which I am famous, so she had little to lose.    We agreed that the drink was basically diluted sherry which was fine with me as I like sherry.   It was definitely a fall/winter drink, a lovely amber color and heavy, but not as heavy as straight sherry given the addition of the vodka.   I think the cherry set it off well but probably added to the heaviness and winter feel, the orange twist would have brightened it up.   I would make this again, and next time I will try it with the orange twist.

Aside from feeling like a bit of a lush, I will be on to the next adventure tomorrow evening!

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