You’ve Got the Cutest Little……

Sunday, October 25, 2009
Babyface Martini

LeLapin CropIt was either the vintage song from the 1920s or the movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? — I have always found that  movie a bit scary and rather gothic.  Bette Davis was soooooooooo eerie, she did crazy well and that makeup—oy! If I ever do my makeup like that, Cathy has permission to take drastic measures.   And you know what those are, girlfriend! So I went with the benign song lyrics.   Sort of like the drink I had tonight.   It was tasty, not stellar, but it also did not catch in my throat and make me gag!

I was supposed to have an Au Currant Currantini (which is not in Cathy’s version of The Bible), but when I looked in the cupboard for the crème de cassis, it was nowhere to be found.   Hmmmm.   And I was too lazy to go the store just for that.  Consequently, I moved on to the next one:  the Babyface Martini (strawberry vodka, dry vermouth, and Maraschino, with a fresh strawberry garnish).

Very pleasant perfume, very inviting.  I had been cooking all day long for a friend who is going through chemo and radiation, so I was ready for something smooth and welcoming.   The taste was not too sweet, and very drinkable, lightly tasting of strawberries, not over-powering at all.  But, it does pack a powerful wallup, I am feeling it.

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