Arrrgh and other cocktails

Wednesday, October 28, 2009Koala Crop
Black Dog Martini

6 parts light rum, 1 part dry vermouth, pitted black olive for garnish

Well, similar to last night, I dropped the ball on the garnish with this one.  I didn’t have any black olives on hand.  Usually I have a can of them hanging around in my pantry and fully expected to find them.  No.  Nary a black olive to be found.  I have four different kinds of GREEN olives in the fridge, though!  I threw in a standard pimento-stuffed green so it wouldn’t just look like I was drinking a glass of water out of a fancy glass.  A real shame not to make the drink legit, I do like black dogs (other than Dobermans and Rottweilers, which I guess is most of them, no?).  Well, Sue’s family used to have Shelly, the black lab who had a tendency to eat stray underwear that fell out of the laundry basket.  She was an interesting dog, a big ol’ ‘woof’ dog as I like to call them.  She could always be counted on to thump a happy tail against you when you came by to visit.  Shelly, this one’s for you.

Johnny Depp

Purely Gratiuitous Shot of Johnny Depp

Now I’m not a huge rum drinker.  Much as I love Captain Jack Sparrow and the quote, “But why is the rum gone?”, it’s just not my thing.  A little sweet and strong for my taste, unless it’s in a pina colada.  But I’ve given those up in my latter years once I realized how fattening they were.  But I did love them in my younger days; however, that was more to do with the tropical imagery they conveyed than with the rum.  I can remember a dorm party in my freshman year at UC Berkeley where they served alcohol in the dorms (yes!  I kid you not!  to underaged kids!) and we mixed up a batch of pina coladas with a blender we’d borrowed with Bacardi 151.  Oh my.  Not even sure I got through one of those.  Tasty, though.  I think I’ve had maybe one or two decent Mai Tais in my life but the rest always taste like a bucket of turpentine with orange juice thrown in – too harsh.  And rum and Coke?  Yuck.  Still not my style.

So I’m not expecting much from this.  I will admit I did sample a few different rums a couple years back at Rum Jungle in the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.  That was fun.  Admittedly, I liked the vodka sampler from Red Square much, more better!  But I have more of a palate for vodka than I do for rum.  We’re all built differently, I suppose.  So I mixed up my rum-based martini … which to me is a bastardization of the drink anyway.  But then again, to the martini purist, the only real martini is a gin-based one, so I’m hardly one to talk, given I only drink vodka ones when not trying to drink my way through a recipe book in 80 days (no, wait, it was 73 … less than that now)!  Added my green olive, although for the sake of color matching, I did contemplate a Milk Dud out of the bowl of Halloween candy I have sitting in wait for Saturday night, but that doesn’t seem right.  Does anyone out there actually EAT Milk Duds?  I remember tossing those out when I got them in my Halloween candy collection as a kid!

Okay, enough ranting.  Not my style on the first sip.  But by the end of the glass, a decent drink.  Nothing I’d rave about, but if I was down to only rum and vermouth in my liquor cabinet, I’d mix this up and have a go, and perhaps then I’d even have black olives.  Might be good with Mexican food, and usually a spare black olive can be found as a garnish there anyway.  I’ll have to remember that.  Not so good with a dinner consisting of a Reese’s peanut butter cup and a piece of garlic bread.  On the other hand, I went to the doctor today for a cortisone injection in one of my two bad knees, and between that and the lidocaine that preceeded it, I probably wouldn’t care what you served me for dinner.  I’m in an oddly happy mood.  Maybe because I’m looking forward to (hopefully) one of my knees not hurting me for the first time in months once the shot kicks in.  We shall see. In the mean time, Fido (my Black Dog) and I bid you a good night’s rest.

Happy mixing, Cathy

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