Pride & Prejudice

Tuesday, October 27, 2009
Bennett Martini

LeLapin Crop“Bennett “ reminds of the names of the Jane and Elizabeth Bennett from Pride and Prejudice, hence the title of this post.   Unfortunately, the drink in no way lives up to Jane Austen’s classic novel.   The best thing about this drink is the pretty peach color derived from the Angostura bitters.   I followed the recipe exactly at first:  6 oz. gin, 3-4 dashes of bitters and ½ teaspoon of bar sugar.    The dose of bitters was way too much and made it very spicy, although it did give it a lovely color as I mentioned.

I had to make this again as I could not drink it with those proportions.   I really could not choke it down, it set my mouth on fire (does not bode well for those drinks made with the chili flavored vodka, maybe I can convince Cathy to take on those…J ).  For the second round of drinks, we used three short drops of bitters and twice as much sugar.    It was slightly more palatable this way.  As far as first impressions (original title of P&P), or second for that matter, I remained immovable.

I am beginning to think that I am difficult to please (can we say DIVA?  I will ask my daughter as she is the expert in divadom, or would that be divaness?), or perhaps I am just a martini classicist, not to sound snobby or anything.   But then, again, there are about 93 more cocktails (187 combined) to try, so among them, I will be able to heartily recommend!   It is my quest and my solemn promise.

Thanks for stopping by,

Sue the Diva (in training)


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One Response to “Pride & Prejudice”

  1. I’m all over that pepper vodka. Makes for great bloody marys, so I’m always looking for an excuse to buy some!

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