Wednesday, October 28, 2009

LeLapin CropMy divadom-ness is continuing, I am afraid.   The next cocktail on the docket was to be the Berrytini, but my husband had a bad day at work – a common occurrence for me, but not for him, thank heavens – and he didn’t want a fru-fru drink.   He did not want to share in a Berrytini or an Au Courant Currantini (the two I’ve skipped!) so we went ahead and had the Bloodhound.

I have always thought Bloodhounds were so sad looking but very cute.   And they always bring to mind hard boiled crime detective novels of the 1930’s, like The Maltese Falcon or something.   I do not think that there was a Bloodhound in The Maltese Falcon so I am not sure why my twisted mind makes this connection.     The only dog I can think of in a detective story is Asta from Thin Man fame—now there is a martini soaked story.   Maybe I will find a suitable cocktail soon to hitch to that!    Asta and Scooby Doo, but he was a cartoon, so I am not sure he counts.

OK, back to the Bloodhound Martini, it does sound rather manly, does it not?   Not fru-fru, right?

Well, maybe not too manly: gin, equal parts dry and sweet vermouth blended with strawberries.   The blending of the strawberries make it more feminine, in my opinion.   Maybe it’s the color.  I think it may qualify as a pseudo fru-fru drink, but I am not sure.  There was a little too much sweet vermouth for my tastes.   Once I got past the first sip, it got better.  I think if the sweet vermouth proportion was less, then I would have enjoyed it more.   If I played with the recipe a bit, this may be an OK drink.

Here’s looking for the perfect Thin Man martini.   Now, this is my quest.

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~ by leahlair on October 29, 2009.

One Response to “Bloodhound”

  1. We need to invent a Scooby-Doo martini.

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