Not Of This World

Okay, I have to admit, those “NOTW” religiously-themed window stickers always kind of bug me.  Because to me they make it sound like Jesus was an alien or something.  And once I read on Wikipedia that the prior background of the guy marketing the whole line was in selling Dogloos, I kind of lost all respect for the product at that point.  Nothing against the Dogloo, mind you.  Just makes it sound like you’re hopping on whatever gravy train pays the bills that week, whether it’s Fido or Jesus.

This post, however, has nothing to do with either of those things.  It has to do with a subsequent martini that is not part of our recipe book at all, but one that I tried on Friday evening at the Island Prime restaurant over in Harbor Island in San Diego, one of the Cohn Restaurant group.  No, I’m not a schill for them or anything, just happen to think this is one of their best restaurants.  The Prado in Balboa Park is my other favorite, but this may be surpassing that old standard in my book.  I liked Dakota Grill, was sorry to see it close.  Indigo Grill, I can take or leave – cute place, great staff, but they really do need some turnover in their menu items, seems like they’ve had the same offerings for about three years running now and it gets a bit stale.  I’m not a vegetarian, either, so the veggie-only items don’t blow my skirt up. 

Back to Island Prime – place has fantastic views of downtown and the bay – depending on where you are sitting.  Try to get one of the three corner window tables they offer if it’s a special evening. We watched a nuclear sub heading out (and were trying to figure out what it was doing there and where it was going, and wished to heck we’d had a camera other than a cellphone variety) at the same time that a future crown jewel of the America’s Cup, the BMW Oracle Racing 90 trimaran, was heading in, both at sunset.  A $10 million boat.  Damn.  What a friggin’ cool city I live in.  I hope somebody got a photo of it.  It wasn’t me.  But the image stays in my mind nonetheless and that is enough.

Island Prime was offering three fall-themed cocktails on their bar menu, and I ended up trying two of them (one of the benefits of not driving!).  The first was the Maharaja, the second was the Spice Trade Martini.


Island Prime Cocktail Menu

I tried the Maharaja first.  House-infused apricot vodka, Licor 43, chai syrup, squeezed lemon and lime, star anise garnish.  Despite the fact that it isn’t a martini that is part of our recipe book, I think I may have found the first 5-star martini of this blog.  At least for me.  Sue will have to either mix it up herself or try it when she comes down again … given our respective budgets, probably the first will happen before the latter, alas.  The Maharaja was a sublime drink.  Licor 43 is a citrus-vanilla flavor drink with 43 ingredients – it was the perfect touch for this, ditto all the ingredients.  This will take me some doing before I can officially blog this drink, given the vodka needs to be infused from scratch.  I haven’t done that before so it will be an interesting first-time experiment for me.  But if I can mix this one up (and I scored the ingredients and proportions from the bartender/waitress, made my evening) and do it right, this may become one of my new all-time favorites.  It was absolutely delicious.  Not too sweet, not too citrusy, not too strong, and soooo damn good to drink. My proverbial hat is off to the Island Prime bartender who came up with this one.  Watch for a subsequent “Maharaja” post, hopefully within the next couple of weeks once I gather the ingredients and make the vodka.  The cocktail looks like this:


Maharaja Martini

This tasted as beautiful as it looked.  Moreso, perhaps.  Looking forward to mixing it up for you myself.  I can’t tell you how excited I was to be able to get the recipe for this from them, to eventually share with our readers.  As to the Spice Trade Martini?  It was good also, but the Maharaja was a VERY tough act to follow.  Tasty, but not memorable, certainly very drinkable. 

Looking forward to serving it up for you – Cathy


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  1. As a follow-up, just saw this unfortunate incident regarding the BMW Oracle Trimaran: Most heinous!

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