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Saturday, October 31, 2009LeLapin Crop

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The weekend did not turn out how I had planned.   But what else is new?   I’ve been battling migraines for the last 10 days or so, and Saturday’s hit me rather hard—I haven’t had one that made me cry and revert into a fetal position for almost 4 years.   It freaked my husband out as well, and he doesn’t freak out easily.    And it was Halloween, too, so that was a bummer, but my husband managed to get everyone where they needed to be.  Thanks to several drug aids, both over the counter and prescription, I was able to feel somewhat human by the end of the day, and we tried the Boardwalk martini.

It was made up of vodka, dry vermouth, maraschino, and lemon juice, with a lemon twist.   This tasted very much like a standard martini to me, but sweeter, so I was happy with that.    My husband thought it was too sweet—he is a purist and likes unadulterated vodka, not even the flavored varieties.   I think next time I would decrease the maraschino a bit, and perhaps cut out the lemon altogether.  I do not mind having other stuff in my martinis, a Cosmo comes immediately to mind.

Sunday was a difficult day for me.   One of my good friends has been battling breast cancer, she had finished up the chemo and was mid-way through radiation when she started to feel very poorly.    She ended up in the emergency room the week before (at the same time my mother was there, which is a different story.  It is very odd, serendipity, or maybe it is the Universe giving a not-so-gentle nudge) and has been in the hospital ever since.   The news is serious, and we’ve all been doing a lot of praying, visiting and putting our lives into perspective, or should I say realigning our perspectives.

Forgive me for digressing, I know this blog is supposed to be about Adventures in Martini-ing.    But our views are affected by what is going on our lives and what I can write about.

Back to the Boomerang Martini, which was Sunday’s experiment.    This was again similar to a traditional martini:  gin, dry vermouth (we used up all the vermouth, eeeek!), dash (only a DASH) of Angostura bitters, maraschino.  I failed on getting the kiwi garnish, oopsie.  I doubt it would have made much of a difference.  It was good, not completely memorable, but a solid martini-like drink, not too sweet or too bitter.   I had two, I think.  Or whatever was left over in the shaker after I had poured the initial one for myself and my husband.

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