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Friday, October 30, 2009Koala Crop
Blue-on-Blue Martini

Sunday, November 1, 2009
Cabaret Martini

Nothing is ever simple, is it?  Well, the Blue-on-Blue from Friday night was actually a simple drink to make, very similar to the previous Blue Moon Martini, except vodka based.  Vodka, blue curacao, 1 dash Angostura bitters, an olive.  What is it with the bitters?  Why are they so omnipresent in our cocktails of late?  I think it’s some sort of a sign.  Either that or very good market placement by the Angostura folks, although I can’t imagine the profit margin per bottle being THAT high.  Takes you eons to go through a bottle and it wasn’t that pricey to begin with.  And only a dash, occasionally two or three dashes, but still just that word, ‘dash’.  Reminds me of that poem by Linda Ellis that made the rounds through my email box some years back, still just as appropriate now:

Hopefully someone will say more about me many, many years from now regarding how I spent my ‘dash’ than saying, “she was a lush and drank a lot of martinis”.  🙂  Anyway, back to the cocktails du jour.  The week kind of ended on a sour note, namely because I’m still unemployed and another week has come to an end.  Worse yet, another month has come to an end and we have now moved into November.  Neither of these realizations made me happy.  Probably a good thing that my drink for Friday evening was a sweet one.  The Blue-on-Blue was similar to the Blue Moon, but I have to admit that I liked the Blue Moon better.  A first for me, preferring a gin-based drink over a vodka one.  The B-on-B was just a bit too sweet – think I have to give it a 3 stars out of 5.  Interestingly, the Fretful Martini coming up in a couple of weeks is the same as the Blue-on-Blue except it is gin-based rather than vodka.  Not sure what there is about that version that makes it “fretful” vs. relaxing, which is how I normally consider anything “blue” to be.

Next drink I was supposed to have was the Broadway, but that evening I just wasn’t in the mood for a really sweet drink.  The Broadway is gin and creme de menthe.  I like mint well enough but am not a huge fan of it other than on my breath!  So I skipped ahead to the next one on my list, the Cabaret.  The Cabaret is 6 parts gin, 3 parts Dubonnet rouge, 3 to 5 dashes each of Angostura bitters and Pernod, and a lime twist.  Again with the damn bitters.  I used the 3 measurement this time.  The Pernod doesn’t have a dash-worthy cap, which does leave me in a bit of a pickle.  I guesstimated by first putting the 3 dashes of bitters into a shot glass, dumping that in, then measuring in the same amont of Pernod.  But it did get me to wondering, again, how much a dash really is.  I did a little research online and came across this excellent post:

Consensus seemed to be that a dash is 1/6th of a teaspoon.  I’ll have to go looking for one of those pinch-and-dash spoon measurers now.  Although ‘pinch and dash’ sounds more like the draft of a naughty Victorian novel, doesn’t it?  I think the smallest I have is a 1/4 teaspoon.  Looking at it makes me think I have not been using enough of a dash in my measures, but I really haven’t compared just yet.  I kind of hate to get the Angostura bottle out anyway because it seems like it tends to stain things.  Maybe I’ll try measuring it over one of the cats to see if I can give him polka dots.

Back to the Cabaret.  I ran out of the Quintessential gin last week and am now on the bottle of New Amsterdam.  I have to say, I think I like it better amongst gins of the same price range, or maybe I just like the drinks I’ve been mixing up with it better.  Seems to have a cleaner taste to me and oddly enough is less likely to give me a headache.  Vodka, unless it’s cheap nasty stuff, rarely gives me a headache, but gin tends to have a high tendency to, so I usually end up taking aspirin before I go to bed.  Granted, you’d think it might just be easier to stop drinking, but that makes far too much sense.  Conclusion on the Cabaret?  Very tasty.  A lovely red-orange color from the Dubonnet, slightly sweet red-wine taste, offset by the Pernod and the bitters.  I liked it.  I would mix this one up again and I might even get daring and try to measure my dashes.  The ones in my drinks, anyway.  As to the big one in my life?  That’s a much longer blog entry.

Back to tending bar,


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