The Bronx Terrace

Tuesday, November 3, 2009LeLapin Crop
Bronx Terrace

I skipped last night as I was at the hospital.   Again, I wonder where these names derive from.   Is the Bronx known for its lime trees or something?  I know a tree grows in Brooklyn, but have not heard of the Bronx’s claim to fame.  ‘Tis…a…PUZZLEMENT.  Oh no, I am starting to talk to like Yul Brynner in the King and I.   Hmmmm, like that’s never happened before.    I tend to spout off into musicals and movies (not as much as my partner in martini crime, though.   You may wish to ask her talk to her about that, especially regarding Star Trek: TOS.).  At least I do not burst into song anymore as I did in my misspent youth.  No one would like that and I would likely embarrass myself.

I was expecting this to be rather gimlet-like, owing to the gin and lime juice.   The extra in it was dry vermouth—yes, I bought more, so the world is safe for humanity again.   Although with the remake of V that may not be true anymore.   My word, but can no one think of anything original anymore?   When I heard about the remake of Battlestar Galactica I thought that was bad enough.   But I watched  it and I have admit that I was hooked on the new BG.   Maybe I will watch V, give it a chance.   Although it will not be the same without Marc Singer in tight jeans.   J

Where was I?  And I wonder where my son gets his ADHD from.  Could it be his mother and her wandering thoughts and countless digressions?

So, it did taste like a gimlet, but not a gimlet that I was particularly fond of.   The best part of the drink was the maraschino cherry garnish, which I ate.   I gave most of the drink to my husband.   The remake of V was more interesting.  None of the characters are the same and there is no 80’s hair.   The lizardness was kept to a minimum so far, but it was only an hour show.   The special effects were pretty cool, though.

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  1. I always expected Marc Singer to be singing soprano by the time the series ended. If those pants got any tighter he would have ended up with a urinary tract infection.

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