Buckeye Martini

Wednesday, November 4, 2009LeLapin Crop
Buckeye Martini

Well, this was just fine: a standard gin martini, not as dry as I normally like it, with a black olive instead of the standard green one. Since we have been going through a lot of gin lately, I got the inexpensive economy sized brand. I think perhaps I should get some nice stuff—much smoother on the palate. The trash scavengers who go through our garbage every week looking for recyclables must be having a field day with our garbage lately—lots of bottles to choose from.

I had a small glass of cava at lunchtime (bridal shower at work) and some yummy cake (white cake, raspberry filling, vanilla buttercream with a raspberry swirl). Cathy is cringing right now because for her, chocolate is the only kind of cake—why bother with anything else? Normally I would agree with her, but it wasn’t about me or my party. And it was quite tasty.

Back to the Buckeye, I probably would have preferred vodka instead of gin, but last night I was not too picky and I needed a cocktail. The earlier cava had obviously worn off.   I was just home from the hospital, so arrived in a thoughtful, reflective mood. Just thinking about life, the universe and everything, to coin a phrase. So, feeling vulnerable and mortal (and another crappy day at work dealing with intelligent passive-aggressive adolescent-types), I was glad to have just a plain gin martini.

My husband also enjoyed this one.  He normally has his martinis without an olive because he does not like the oils that come off the green ones, thereby leaving a very distinctive flavor on his palate.   But the black olives do not do that.

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