Christmas in November

Thursday, November 5, 2009LeLapin Crop
Christmas Martini

Friday, November 6, 2009

Ding dong, ding dong, Christmas bells are gonna chime.  I had to skip ahead because I did not have the ingredients for the next two drinks I was slated to make (will come tomorrow night).   Rather poor planning on my part, but I am going to blame the appalling bad stock in stores in Walnut Creek.   Not very esoteric or eclectic.  AND the Z Gallerie store here closed a couple of months back, that was quite distressing.

This drink was gin, dry vermouth and peppermint schnapps with a candy cane garnish, which I did not have.  More proof of poor planning on my part, I have failed.   I regret this, but I do not think it would have made much of a difference in this drink.

I was expecting something with a stronger mint taste so after the first sip, we added more schnapps.   It did not particularly help.  Maybe the candy cane would have helped in this regard and would have put me into a jolly holiday mood.   No one cared for this drink.   My sister was over for the traditional Thursday night Survivor extravaganza.

Friday night’s drink was definitely much better and put me into mood not quite holiday-ish but one that would be accepting of a holiday mood—if that makes sense.   It was called a “Caribou”.  Sounds Canadian, doesn’t it, as if it should have Canadian Mist in it?    But it does not.  It was coffee vodka topped with champagne and a lemon twist and coffee bean garnish.   I couldn’t find coffee vodka but located triple shot espresso vodka by Three Olives.    Yeah, my kind of vodka.

The morning was actually a good one.  My two week migraine had subsided because the weather finally changed and it rained, so I felt human again.   My daughter was at a shadow day for a high school.    And I decided to take the afternoon off after my late morning meeting.    And the best part…..wait for it…..drum roll, please.  I finally found the BevMo! in Walnut Creek.   And it is a nice one, bigger than the one nearer home.  I couldn’t find my card though, I think my husband absconded with it when he went to get the alcohol for the school auction on Saturday night.

I am ready to leave behind my daughter’s grammar school, as is she.   There is a little trepidation because it is the known quantity—the devil you know vs. the devil you don’t, but she is more than ready for the next challenge.   In her shadow day, she was with sophomores and she told me that she was answering questions in class and understood the Spanish lesson.   Hmmm, I wonder if she could skip 9th grade and go straight to 10th — only an idea if we could save the tuition!   I would never have her skip a grade, I think that is so difficult socially for kids.  High school placement was not this difficult when I was a kid.  It was logical where you went, you went where your parents told you to go.  But there are so many choices these days.   At least my daughter has narrowed it done to three, and I can see her at any one of them.  They each have good points (and high price tags, of course) so now we need to compare the curriculums, although I think since they are all part of the diocese, they are very similar in this respect.   It will likely depend upon where she feels the most comfortable.

Work wasn’t even that debilitating today, but that was likely because I was only there for 3 hours.   Hah!  I took the afternoon off as I have to work this over the weekend.   Campus moved up a deadline and I have to present a report to our Dean first thing Monday morning.  Heavy sigh.

There were some major TM (Teenage Moments) on the car ride back from ballet and my elation at finding a well-stocked BevMo was quickly dashed.   My daughter’s ballet studio is in Walnut Creek, we live in Oakland and work in Berkeley, which is why I spend so much time there.   I was ready to start looking for boarding schools by the time I drove up to the house.    It was a long week, and I just wanted to be home and to have a nice cocktail.

As I said, the Caribou was coffee vodka topped off with champagne.   We had champagne in the ‘fridge, a holdover from the wedding shower I threw for my staff member earlier in the week.    I enjoyed this martini a great deal, but then I love sparkling wines and champagnes.   I would have this for a special celebration or something of that nature.    Even my husband liked it.  Hmmmm.

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