Chocolate Martini

Sunday, November 8, 2009LeLapin Crop
Chocolate Martini

I skipped the martinis on Saturday night.  It was auction night at my daughter’s school, the very last one for us as she is graduating out in June!   People keep asking me if I am sad to being leaving this school—uh, NO!   It is time for her and us to move on.   I doubt my son will go back there (he is in 4th grade at another school.  Yes, drop-offs are a pain in the patootey, but it is a small price to pay for a sane child and sane parents.  No more recriminations or nasty phone calls from the school or notes from the teachers).   He is successful where he is and successful he shall stay while we are able to afford it.   My daughter will be successful wherever she goes, she has that type of personality.

The auction theme for this year was “Coming Home”.  A new event center was completed last year and this is the first time in 12 years that the auction has been held on school grounds.  Logistically, it was a challenge for the chairs.  My husband and I were auction co-chairs two years ago.  Boy, what a job!   Never again.   Cathy has orders (and permission) to shoot first and ask questions later if I EVER volunteer for any such thing again.   These women did a fabulous job with the decorations and the set up, my hat is off to them; it was a beautiful and elegant evening.

We have been the bar committee chairs for the last six years, even when we chaired the entire auction.  As part of the theme, the chairs wanted us to create two “down home” cocktails in addition to having a scotch and cigar bar.  The two chosen were whisky sours and a gimlet.  I am not a fan of either, really, so I decided to spice it up a bit and do a pomegranate gimlet.   My husband and I spent Saturday afternoon testing these.   Or I should say he was the mixologist and I was the guinea pig.   Rough life.   Needless to say, I have perfect recipes for both if anyone is the market for them.

The Chocolate Martini that capped off my evening was decent:   6 parts vodka and 1 part chocolate liqueur with a chocolate curl as a garnish to add some extra panache.   I would have it again, it had a good balance of sweet and alcohol.

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