Churchill Downs

Monday, November 9, 2009LeLapin Crop
Churchill’s Martini

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Coffee Lovers Martini

Or I’m Down with Churchill?   Simply put, Churchill’s martini was understated and perfect:  chilled Bombay Sapphire Gin with a cocktail olive.  I drank it while staring at bottles of dry vermouth.   For some inexplicable reason we have ended up the Home for Orphaned Vermouth and have Gallo, Martini & Rossi and Noilly Pratt.  And not wimpy little bottles of vermouth, mind you, but big bottles which will take us a while to get through.


Sue's husband?!?!?!

My husband wanted to follow in Churchill’s footsteps and drink his martini in bed, with a stogie.   I wonder what Mrs. Churchill thought of that particular habit.  I do not even allow TVs in the bedroom, so I think cigars are out.  I believeI have been to the ancestral seat of the Churchills.  Blenheim! Yes, is not wikipedia a great and wonderful thing (sort of like the Great and Powerful Oz or Vaal—OH NO, not another Star Trek reference.  You will have to look that one up yourself I am afraid).


It does not serve Vaal...

Nice digs.  Blenheim, of course.   I went when I was studying abroad during my junior year at Berkeley;  I was at Birmingham University in the UK.  I wouldn’t trade that year for anything, I did a lot of growing up and searching that year.   I wonder if my kids will be able to have the same advantage and take their junior years abroad.   It is such a different world now, I am not sure I would be comfortable with that, but that is 7-8 years in the future.  Not that much when you really think about it, just around the corner.    I think my daughter would definitely be up for it, but she would likely go to Paris, and probably just shop <insert parental shudder>.   My son, I am not so sure about, he is more of a homebody and I think would be slightly lost.  All the sensory input would be way too much for him and he might short circuit.   But then again, he is constantly surprising me.  Right now, he is conducting a science experiment in the kitchen involving baking soda and vinegar.  Will get back to you on that one.

I know Sir Winston did many great things in his long career involving both WWI and WWII, but in this small house in Oakland, his greatest accomplishment was the sublime, unadulterated martini.

I think Prime Minister Churchill would have been quite proud of us Yanks.

The Coffee Lovers Martini was another winner:  coffee vodka, Frangelico, dry vermouth and coffee bean garnish.   Delectable, I had one and a half and I was a bit looped.   I tried watching V, but it didn’t make any sense, so the martinis worked.   The kids even behaved themselves tonight.   They must be planning something.  I will keep the extra third eye on them.

The Frangelico added a sweetness that buffered the vermouth, which was enjoyable and very drinkable.  Or quaffable as my esteemed counterpart would say.

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  1. I bet by the time your daughter gets to college age, you will not only want her to go spend a year abroad in Paris, you may very well not want her back! 🙂

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