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Wednesday, November 11, 2009LeLapin Crop

Thursday, November 12, 2009
Crime of Passion Martini

On this point I totally agree with Carrie Bradshaw.   Cosmoplitans are delicious.  This one was no exception:  vodka, cranberry juice, triple sec, lime juice.   Today was a University holiday (Veteran’s Day) and also my husband’s birthday.   The kids, on the other hand, both had to go to school.  Ha ha ha ha!  Nonetheless, I spent most of the day working from home, answering emails and coordinating various things.    A work ethnic does sometime get in the way, doesn’t it?

We did manage to get out for lunch together and had a lovely time.   I had a very nice glass of rosé, I am partial to rosés these days.   White wine has little taste for me lately, unless they are properly chilled and the weather is warm.    And red wine tends to give me a headache the next morning.  I find that a glass of rose strikes a nice balance.   We stared with warm olives and a lovely spinach-pear salad with almonds and a light vinaigrette.   We skipped dessert because I made a birthday cake for later.

I introduced my husband to the BevMo in Walnut Creek and he totally agreed that this store was much better than the one in Oakland.  We also had to hit Petco on the way home because my little five and a half month year old Russian Blue kitten has been quite naughty lately and we needed to get another litter box.   Boy, those can get expensive.   Little poop (literally) also got a new sparkly red collar suitable for all those holiday parties to which she will no doubt be invited.

There was a split vote on the Crime of Passion Martini.  It was made with vodka, Alizé, and cranberry juice with an orange twist.   I had no experience with Alizé, so was a bit surprised to see that there are about five different kinds and the recipe did not specify:  Bleu, Wild Passion, Gold Passion, Rose & Red Passion.   Each either cognac or vodka blended with fruits and sometimes spices (like ginger).   It is bottled by Remy Martin.  Given this was to be blended with vodka, I chose Alizé Rose, bottle description is

Beautifully bold, decidedly exotic  and amazingly sophisticated, Alizé Rose is a rare combination of exotic flavors from around the world including roses, strawberries, litchis and passion fruit juice blended with highly refined 100% vodka.

They all have passion fruit in them, hence the name of the drink:  Crime of Passion.  Hah!  My name derivation fixation has been partially appeased.   Life is good.   So this drink would definitely change depending upon which variety you choose. The Red Passion one might have been better with this drink since it had cranberries, but I am not sure that one was available.  BevMo did not have all five, they had space for four and one was sold out (I think it was the Bleu one).

It was a lovely pink color when mixed.  I thought it was a bit too sweet, but it did go down easily.  This would be a good drink for a fun, cocktail party, maybe with a 70’s or Tiki theme, at least that was my impression.   My husband liked it more than I did, which is quite unusual.   He usually does not care for sweet or mixed drinks.

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