The Black and the Crimson

Saturday, November 14, 2009LeLapin Crop
Crimson Martini

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sounds like it should be a fight song for some college football squad.    Or the name of a high school newspaper.   My high school newspaper was called The Crozier; bet you do not know what that is!   I have high school on the brain this weekend.   My daughter is in 8th grade so she is looking at all the local schools.  I took her to all of them last year, so this year it is her dad’s turn for the experience.    It is all rather nerve wracking, no wonder I have a headache again.

I doubled up on martinis last night as I missed Friday night’s experiment.  I was at the hospital and then we had to scoot to a 40th birthday party (ah, so young….).   Jesus, Mary and Joseph!  ‘Twas quite a celebration, half the Irish population of the San Francisco Bay Area was there.  And they do spin wonderful yarns, I love listening to the quiet lilt of their accents.   It had been quite a long week so we did not stay too long.

Saturday was less hectic, but only slightly.  We were slated to go another birthday party, a 50th this time, but I begged off and my husband went on his own.   Before he left, we had the two cocktails listed above.   The Crimson was vodka, ruby port, grenadine and lime juice, with a lime twist.    I looked in the cupboard, pulling the ingredients but, WHERE was the grenadine??   Oh, crap.   I forgot to buy it.   Raspberries.   OK, I thought, there has to be a substitute, so I googled it:  boil pomegranate juice and add sugar.   HAH.  I had pomegranate juice.   I’m goooood.

The interaction between the ruby port and lime juice was … interesting.   I do not mean a favorable interesting.   It left an odd taste in my mouth, sort of a burn that you get from some kinds of herbs, but not a hot sensation.    The color was attractive, and crimson, so at least I know where the name came from, which mollified me slightly.   I would not make this again.

The second drink was called “Delicious”.   I would not use this adjective, although I certainly enjoyed it more than the first one and it was not un-delicious, it was just not memorable.    It was made of coffee vodka and Grand Marnier and an orange twist.    Following the directions exactly, I could not taste the Grand Marnier at all, it was just coffee vodka.   I could not find coffee vodka, only triple shot espresso vodka, so perhaps it is just too strong.    I enjoyed the espresso vodka, but would have liked even a hint of orange, next time I will add more liqueur.

May do a double header tomorrow night, as well.  Not only do I need to catch up with my esteemed counterpart, but I am in charge of a senior Thanksgiving lunch that my daughter’s youth group is sponsoring.   It’s an outreach activity for the teens.

‘Til we meet again—and thanks for stopping by,

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