Dirty Daydreams

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009
Dirty Martini

Title caught your attention, didn’t it?  Too bad the Daydream Martini did not capture mine.  This was made with citrus vodka, triple sec and orange juice and bar sugar.  Frankly, it tasted like a sweet screwdriver, owing to the triple sec and the extra sugar.    I drank it and I think that is pretty much all that I can say about that one.  In a previous post, Cathy expressed her views on the infamous screwdriver, and that very much echoes my thoughts so I will move on.

I spent a good part of Sunday at our church, corralling 13-14 years olds in an outreach activity for their youth group, a senior Thanksgiving lunch.   My daughter, however, was absent as she was at a high school open house with her father.   Somehow I ended up on the Youth Group Advisory Board.   This used to happen to me a lot, I “volunteered” for things, like chairing the entire school auction.   I used to do this because I was desperate to keep my son at the school and I thought that if I involved myself in these things, they couldn’t possibly kick him out, right?   Well, they still complained about him; he is a great kid, but Catholic schools are simply not set up for exuberant children who think outside of the box, or who happen to have ADHD and are dyslexic.   Go figure, charity does not necessarily begin at school.   After many tears, much research and a bunch of good luck, we found the right school for my son and he is successful and happy.

And I am still “volunteering” for things.   Heavy sigh.   I actually don’t mind the Youth Group, I do it for my daughter certainly, but also because of the woman who runs it.  She does so much for the church and the school, she deserves help—or whatever meager assistance I can lend.  Needless to say, after this event, I was looking forward to my cocktail(s).   The Daydream failed to impress, but  I liked the gin dirty martini.    Normally I am not a huge fan of dirty martinis, but this one passed muster.   Maybe it was the Bombay Sapphire.   Hiccup.

It will be a busy week, thanks for sharing part of yours with us and thanks stopping by,



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One Response to “Dirty Daydreams”

  1. What did you think of all that vermouth in the dirty gin martini? I didn’t care for it in the vodka version, I was just wondering if there was a difference. It was the same proportions, right? 6 parts gin, 2 parts dry vermouth, 1 part olive brine? I really wasn’t crazy about that much vermouth in the vodka one.

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