The Devil and the Deep Yellow Sea

Monday, November 16, 2009
Deep Sea Martini

Monday, November 16, 2009
Eat My Martini

Like Sue’s omnipresent comment, I’m not sure why either of these cocktails has the name that they do.  The Deep Sea Martini is 6 parts gin, 2 parts dry vermouth, 1/2 teaspoon Pernod, 1 dash orange bitters.  Now I will confess, after enough experiences thus far with Pernod (and all of them unpleasant or at least less than desirable), I did use slightly less Pernod.  Maybe if I’d used the full compliment, this drink would have been a bright yellow … but probably not.  It wasn’t THAT much less.  And anyway, I have no desire to have my martini looking like a radioactive urine sample.  After the previous experience with a very un-dry martini, I also cut back on the vermouth for this by about 25%.  Drink ended up being a pale yellow with a hint of orange from the bitters – and actually, it wasn’t half-bad!  Probably the first time you’ll hear me say that about any drink including Pernod.  Possibly the last.  We’ll see.  It looked a little naked with no garnish, maybe an elusive lemon twist would have served that purpose, but it didn’t really need one, to be honest.  I liked this – I think I’ve hit on the right amount of Pernod to use to accentuate but not overpower, at least in my book.  3.75 stars for this – not quite a 4 star but it is close, and if you like the taste of licorice or just the hint of it, give this a try.

My next martini for the evening was titled, “Eat My Martini”.  Mind you, this has nothing to do with the Devil, I was just looking for a catchy blog title.  🙂  This cocktail consists of 6 parts honey vodka, 1 part amontillado sherry, and an almond-stuffed olive.  Hooray for the fact that I found that honey vodka recently, I think it’s going to be getting a workout.  Now I’ve never really consumed sherry before (as a drink), to my knowledge – I’ve used it a few times in cooking but that’s about  it.  I do like port, so I was curious if these two were similar.  While searching for the amontillado sherry in BevMo, I happened upon one half of a pair of what I gathered were two good-looking older brothers taking their wheelchair-bound Mom out for a shopping excursion.  Well, they were either brothers are the two halves of a gay couple with somebody’s Mom.  I preferred the former interpretation, not that I’m in the market myself but, hey, a girl still likes to look, and anybody who has a Mom who wants an outing to BevMo to buy booze can’t be all bad, right?   Anyway, the non-wheelchair-pushing gentleman was pondering the sherry section, and as I stepped up and started looking for Amontillado, he asked me rather conversationally if I knew anything about sherry.  I admitted I didn’t, that I’d only bought it for the occasional recipe (and can’t even remember which recipes or if they turned out any good, for that matter), and that I tended to drink port.  I said I was looking for the Amontillado for a martini recipe (I found it).  He went on to say that he’d been watching a lot of reruns of Frasier on TV and was struck by how often Frasier and Niles seemed to enjoy a sherry after dinner, so he decided it was something he wanted to try out.  Thinking of my earlier curiosity as to whether he was there with his brother or his partner, I was tempted to ask if he felt more in common with Kelsey Grammer or David Hyde Pierce, but I figured that was a little obvious.  Then it occurred to me that if a TV show was what inspired you to drink something (as opposed to, say, a real person that you actually know recommending it to you), well, that kind of says something about a person to me.   (Thanks to Bill Sledzik’s “Tough Sledding” blog for the photo here.)  I got my Amontillado sherry and wished him the best of luck with his sherry explorations.

Back at home, I mixed this one up after I finished the Deep Sea.  It was a nice, refreshing contrast, and although I didn’t sample the sherry directly, I would note that it does remind me a lot of port, which is a good thing.  If you had told me I might like it in a martini with honey vodka a few weeks ago, however, I would have said you had bats in your belfry.  But, in the same vein as the California martini (vodka and red wine), this was very worthy.   It had the deep sweetness of a dessert wine thinned out with a softened honey vodka, and of course, the almond-stuffed olive having been soaked in it by the end of the drink is simply delicious.  4.25 stars for this one, I would definitely have it again, or perhaps try the Armada Martini from Sue’s posting of a couple weeks back, which was also vodka with amontillado sherry.  I think I read that amontillado sherry is best kept refrigerated and for no more than two weeks, so I had better get busy on that goal!



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