Adam Ant Walks Into a Bar …

Sunday, November 15, 2009
Desperate Martini

Despite the fact that it has been well over two decades since the tune came out, I can’t hear the word “desperate” without thinking of the old Adam Ant song, “Desperate But Not Serious”.  Don’t tell me you don’t remember it.  You do.  You may not want to admit it, but you do. Come on, let’s all sing along now …

If I ask you difficult questions
If I make improper suggestions
Would you find that a risk to your health
Would you put me up on the bookshelf
With the books and the plants?

Desperate but not serious
Your kisses drive me delirious

That did get me to wondering, whatever happened to Adam Ant?  Well, of course you have to love the internet for answering these modern mysteries.

Aren't I gorgeous?

A little different now ...

 I have to admit, I wouldn’t know the guy if I bumped into him in the grocery store.  Then again, that was probably the beauty of the early 80’s and all that makeup – even back then, if he just dressed normally, he could probably pick up his toiletries in peace.  His earlier picture reminds me a lot of Adam Lambert’s look nowadays, although I am still reserving my verdict on Lambert’s singing abilities, having only seen the American Idol finale (yes!  I am one of the few people who doesn’t actually watch the show).   I know his first album is out and on iTunes so I guess I’d better go check that out – once I stop spending so much money at BevMo, that is!

I wasn’t expecting to like this martini only because I’m not a big “berry” fan.  The Desperate Martini (namesake unknown) is 6 parts gin, 1 part dry vermouth, 1 part blackberry brandy and fresh blackberries for garnish.  Couldn’t find the fresh berries so I lived without a garnish.  See, I’m not crazy about things like jam and jellies and preserves, all of which I tend to associate with berries – blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, boysenberries, and so on.  But I never really tried them in a alcoholic fashion, either. 

The Desperate Martini was a pleasant surprise.  The blackberry brandy isn’t too sweet and cuts the gin nicely, and the drink is a lovely rose-gold color. My boyfriend even liked it, and he’s not much of a sweet cocktail drinker, but he does like a good gin and tonic.  I would have this again, definitely.  4.25 stars – outstanding.

Desperate, but not serious,


~ by rachelroust on November 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Adam Ant Walks Into a Bar …”

  1. “His earlier picture reminds me a lot of Adam Lambert’s look nowadays”

    You seriously need an eye check-up

    • Just got one a month ago. -7.75, +1.75 diopters, new presbyoptic contacts and new glasses too. But thanks for the suggestion! I like both Adams, personally – one might be more goth than glam, but they still remind me of each other in general style. Thanks for reading!

  2. I honestly think Adam Ant is adorable now that he’s old.
    I want to make him coffee and hug him.

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