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Thursday, November 19, 2009
Fino Martini

Thursday, November 19, 2009
Fine and Dandy Martini

Thursday night was a twofer as I couldn’t indulge in alcoholic beverages Friday night.   I am taking my daughter and two friends to see the premiere of New Moon.  She wanted to go to the midnight show on Thursday.  That was a definite NO (it was a school night and she had to go to school Friday morning. How she EVER thought that would fly, I am not sure), so we compromised and we are going to a 10 pm show.  I should be awake as I have to drive, so no booze tonight.   She has been bouncing off the walls for three days, counting down the hours until she gets to see the movie.   I think my ear drums have shattered from the last time she called me on the phone (ONLY THREE MORE HOURS!!! SCREECH!!!!).   Her fav is Jasper, in case you are wondering.  She and her friends made t-shirts saying “Team Switzerland”.

Cathy suggested that I bring a flask with me.   This is always an option, we have several, some covered in very nice Italian leather, very classy.   But I really do not want to smell like alcohol, that would not be acting as a good role model for my daughter and her friends.   I remember being at the latest Harry Potter movie (which my daughter also insisted we see on opening day), and a rather sleazy guy who sat next to me had had a few too many and he reeked.   He also had a brown paper bag filled with rather fragrant Indian food.   Now, I like Indian food, but this was a little overpowering.

I am so glad it is Friday, even if I do have to stand out in 41 degree weather with a slight drizzle for two hours.   I am a masochist.   My husband told me to put on my thermies, but then I get too hot in the theatre.   Maybe he will have a martini tonight; he deserves it as he had a crappy day dealing with some recalcitrant colleagues who were acting rather immaturely.

But the question of the hour, what did I have to drink last night?  Well, it was Survivor night, you know.  AND the Project Runway finale.   I am not particularly happy about that outcome, way too predictable and I get very tired of black, black, BLACK.  Yes, it is “chic”, and oh so, “New York”, but it gets a bit boring and let’s face it, safe. Let’s have some color!  Let’s not be afraid to show some individuality.

Sorry, I went off topic again.   The Fino Martini was a little boring.   Fino sherry is very light in color, an ever so slight amber hue, barely noticeable.   I had no idea, I thought it would be like other sherries, and dark and viscous.  We had a choice of vodka or gin and chose vodka, and fino sherry.  The recipe only called for one teaspoon of sherry and frankly, I couldn’t even taste the sherry, so I doubled the amount.   It certainly was not overpowering and just barely flavored the vodka, adding just a mere whisper of perfume.   Since it was mostly just vodka, this was a fine drink, but not memorable.

The second drink was called Fine and Dandy:  gin, triple sec, fresh lemon juice and orange bitters.   My first impression was that it was a less sweet version of a lemon drop.  I like lemon drops.

Thanks for stopping by—I will give a movie review tomorrow!

PS. Saturday AM:  everyone enjoyed the movie.   Kids were very well behaved—even the audience was well behaved.   Luckily, we did not have to wait outside in the cold and wind, but were inside the theatre lobby, the kids were 2nd in line, so were extremely happy, and got the primo seats.   Parking was a BEAR and life-threatening, but that is perhaps a story for another time.  Anyway, special effects were good, not cheesy, and the plot stayed very close to the book, which I appreciated.   If you are so inclined, you should see it!


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