Old Standbys

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Ah, yes, the old standby cocktails which have been around in some form or other for decades.  They are not my standbys, but certainly someone’s.  My go-to cocktail is a brandy pres (short for Presbyterian) that I learned to make years ago from my uncle.  It usually stumps bartenders and it is always entertaining when I have to explain the drink to a professional (brandy with a splash of 7 UP or ginger ale and topped with club soda.   I prefer 7 UP, but the traditional recipe is with ginger ale.  I know it sounds a bit sweet, but I like it.).

There was a choice of vodka or gin with both of the drinks, so I chose vodka for the Gibson and gin for the gimlet.   The Gibson was vodka with 3 dashes of dry vermouth (I go light on the vermouth, not a huge fan anymore, had too much recently!! Too bad we have three huge bottles of dry vermouth AND another two of sweet vermouth) and cocktail onions.    Since this drink was mainly vodka, it was fine, the onions added a little something different to the mix that I was not opposed to.  My husband liked the onions instead of the olives because he said they didn’t add the oily olive taste that he dislikes.  I do not think it was a factor of the olives, I think it is a factor of the quality of the vodka!   Now that I found a BevMo that sells a lot of mini bottles, I can try a lot of different brands. It is quite an eye-opener, I have to say.  I picked up a mini Grey Goose Poire (pear) over the weekend and am looking forward to trying it.

I picked up quite a few minis over the weekend.  I am becoming quite a lush.  Maybe I should just let it go and embrace it.

The Gimlet as made by The Sue was gin and Rose’s lime juice.   I have made gimlets with fresh lime juice before and I have to say that I prefer Rose’s lime juice; it makes the drink a little sweeter and a delightful shimmering shade of light gold.   The gimlet was my aunt’s drink (married to the uncle I mentioned above), I do not, however, know if she preferred gin or vodka.  I do suspect it was gin.   Cathy knows this aunt as my drafty aunt—she could feel a draft in a windowless, airless room.

I will have both of these in the future, I am sure.

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