Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Sunday, November 22, 2009
Double Fudge Martini

Monday, November 23, 2009
Festival Espresso Martini

Monday, November 23, 2009
Golf Martini

I am so far behind and I am trying to catch up, so this is another three martini blitz.   And, no, I did not have them all in one evening; the tasting spanned over 2 nights.   These three are actually logical to have together as the first two both have chocolate, coffee and are sweet.   The last one is fairly generic and about as far from the sweet chocolate as you can get, hence the title of the post!

The Double Fudge Martini was made with vodka, chocolate and coffee liqueur.   It was supposed to have a chocolate cocktail straw in it, as well, but I didn’t have one.  I did have a straw, but it was just ordinary plastic and as such was not appropriate for this occasion.  I was going to throw in a few chocolate chips, but I forgot, of course.   It was tasty and not overpowering, but I think I preferred the next one although both represented the holy trinity of chocolate, coffee and alcohol.

The Festival Espresso Martini was comprised of equal parts of brewed espresso, Kahlua, coffee-flavored vodka and vanilla-flavored vodka.   It was sweet, but the strong coffee flavor cut that a bit.   I could only have one of these and not very often, but I did enjoy it.   It was more like dessert than an aperitif or a cocktail.   I was quite full after consuming it (before dinner), which in retrospect was probably not the brightest timing.   Ah well, live and learn.  Sometimes one must have dessert first.

The Golf was fairly boring and generic, but I felt something of this ilk was necessary after two sweet, heavy drinks.   Again, I do not understand the derivation of the name of the drink, but that is the rule rather than the exception!  This was eight parts gin, 3-5 dashes of Angostura bitters (you know I only used the minimal amount!), two parts dry vermouth (yet again) and a cocktail olive.  The only virtue of vermouth that I can determine lately is that it does turn the drink a slight amber-gold color, especially at these levels.   I do think that the proportions of the vermouth used in this book are a bit much.  I prefer less vermouth, but this is really just my preference and opinion.  The Italians LOVE straight vermouth, neat or over ice, as a cocktail.

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