Oscar Wilde

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Hep Cat

Wednesday, November 25, 2009
Hoffman House Martini

“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination,” Oscar Wilde.   It has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but I liked the quote.

Perhaps I could somehow spin it so that he was a bit of a gypsy or a Hep Cat.   He did follow an alternate lifestyle for the time in which he lived and he was a writer, so could be considered rather bohemian, but I do not know if he was a gypsy.   As for being a Hep Cat, I think I need to research the definition.

HEP CAT: a performer or admirer of jazz music, especially during the 1940’s; someone who is hep, or hip.   When I first heard the phrase I thought of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face when she is dressed in a black turtleneck and leggings and goes to a Parisian café/club and listens to depressing music and bad poetry.   Hmmm.   I am not a literary scholar nor am I an expert on Mr. Wilde’s life or work, so I think I will have to pass on trying to draw parallels between the Gypsy and Hep Cat martinis to Oscar Wilde.

Having said that, I will artfully segue to the purpose of this post.   Although my husband has just asked me who Oscar Wilde was and then asked me if I knew who Sam Posey is.   I did not then, but am told he is an eloquent ex-race car driver and commentator.   I am not sure that I care, no offense to Mr. Posey; I am sure he is a lovely human being.

Thanksgiving preparations are well underway.  The cranberry sauce is made, the beets for the salad are roasting, the turkey is brining, and the pies are made.   Of course, I have forgotten a few things and I can’t find the chunk of ginger I bought to make the Gingersnap Martini which I wanted to make tonight.    GRRRR.   I also couldn’t find ginger syrup and I was going to make my own with the fresh ginger.    Double GRRRR. On to Plan II.

My kids are driving me nuts.   They are constantly arguing.   Argh.   I am not sure why their antagonistic behavior has escalated over the last few weeks.  They must just pick up on the stress and uncertainty that is weaved throughout our lives right now.  Between all the work talk, the grandparents’ illnesses, the high school decisions to be made, they must be confused.  And none of that has to do with the Gypsy, the Hep Cat or even Oscar Wilde, for that matter.   And I wonder where my son gets his ADHD from.

The Gypsy was pretty standard, with a sweet end note owing to the maraschino cherry garnish:  8 parts gin, 2 parts sweet vermouth and a maraschino cherry.   The Hep Cat (6 parts bery vodka, 1 part dry vermouth, 1 dash sweet vermouth and a dash of Cointreau) had a penicillin –like aftertaste, similar to the medication I had to take for tonsilitis when I as a kid.  It might be “hip” but I can’t think of why anyone who likes jazz would like this drink.

I was so disappointed that I made a second drink to test.   The next on my list was the Hoffman House Martini.  I did a Google search on Hoffman House, there are quite a few in the US and it seems most are restaurants, so that didn’t help me.   I should have had a Boardwalk; we were playing Monopoly with the kids.  My husband is cutthroat at the game, but he didn’t get a chance to cheat this time as I went out early.  I landed on Boardwalk which we owned and had put on four houses.  That’s $1,300 I didn’t have and had to mortgage my entire green block.

The Hoffman House Martini was 8 parts gin, 1 part dry vermouth, 3-5 dashes of orange bitters and cocktail olives.   The orange bitters bottle does not have a top on it so that you can measure a dash, so it was difficult to tell just how much I put in.   This cocktail was not bad, I certainly enjoyed it more than the Hep Cat; it didn’t taste like medicine.  It really didn’t have much taste at all, but it was pleasant.

Happy Thanksgiving,

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