Fuzzy Wuzzy

Friday, November 20, 2009
Fuzzy Martini

I am sadly behind in my posts, Sue would probably throttle me if she didn’t live 500 miles away.  Not sure what excuses I can come up with.  I did have the kids all week and started a new temp job on Monday (finally) – first real work I’ve had in months.  It only has funding through the end of the year but it’s better than nothing, and my unemployment benefits are pretty close to running out.  More than enough reasons for a sweet cocktail this particular (a week ago Friday) evening, although as you know by now those aren’t usually my choice. 

The Fuzzy Martini is 4 parts vanilla vodka, 1 part coffee vodka, 1 teaspoon peach schnapps, and a fresh peach slice for garnish.  I would assume the name derives from the fuzzy outer surface of a peach, so I’m going to go with that!  Alas, peaches aren’t in season right now.  I thought about getting some canned peaches but let’s face it, that really isn’t the same.  So I ended up doubling the amount of peach schnapps after the first couple of sips to compensate for the lack of a peach slice, which I assume would add some additional peace flavor.

Verdict?  Very tasty cocktail.  4.25 stars.  Not really a combo I would think of putting together, vanilla, coffee, and peach, but in these proportions it works.  Sweet but not excessively so, very drinkable.  I should see if there is a coffee-flavored vodka out there other than the triple shot espresso from Three Olives I’ve been drinking.  Van Gogh makes an espresso one that is clear, which I think would add to the appeal of this drink – it’s brown in my version, which would also make the peach garnish kind of pointless since you wouldn’t see it.  I’ll have to replenish with that variety when this bottle runs out.  Actually, now that I’m looking at the Van Gogh vodka website and seeing all their flavors and the recipes they have associated with them … oh my!  I feel like a kid in an alcoholic candy store!  No, bad idea.  Having a hard enough time working my way through my half of the 201 recipes we have to drink as it is.  There’s always next year, assuming my liver holds out. 


~ by rachelroust on November 28, 2009.

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  1. i will throttle you anyway, long distance throttling, the new olympic sport. 🙂

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