Snap, Crackle, but no POP (or Drop)

Thursday, November 26, 2009
Ginger Snap Martini

Thursday, November 26, 2009
Honeydew Martini

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to all.

First, the Ginger Snap Saga:  Torani makes a ginger syrup and it is new, according to the website and I have not yet been able to find it in the stores so I decided to make my own ginger syrup for the Ginger Snap martini.  Basically, I made a simple syrup, added ginger and let it set for a bit.   Fresh cut ginger was rubbed on the inside of the glass.  The actual liquids were vodka and ginger syrup shaken, poured into the glass and topped off with ginger ale.  It was certainly different.   I like ginger and gingersnaps are actually some of my favorite cookies.   This definitely tasted like ginger, but there was no snap.   I was expecting something more like the cookie.   I would actually like to retry this with actual ginger syrup, so I will continue to search for it.

The second drink I was intending to make was the Gumdrop, but I didn’t want that after the Ginger Snap, so move ahead to the Honeydew Martini.   This was the first time I’ve had Midori.  It is Star Trek green (reference the original series episode with Scotty trying to get an alien drunk. When asked what it is by the alien, Scotty says “It’s, it’s… green!”.  I think Cathy blogged about it previously so I am shamelessly stealing from her.  Hopefully, she will not Sue me.).  Star Trek green should be a new color in the Crayola gallery.  Initially, I liked the perfume of the cocktail, the Midori gave it a lovely light sweetness of melon, so this gave me hope that it would be a tasty prelude to the Thanksgiving feast.  The entire recipe was six parts vodka, one part Midori, one part triple sec and a lemon twist.  Four people tried this and we all agreed that it tasted like medicine, but none of us could place which medicine.    So, after this we had Kir Royales (champagne [Domaine Chandon in this case] with a touch of crème de cassis).

So cocktail-wise, it was a bit of a disappointment.   But the food was good, though, and the brining of the turkey made it very moist.

Just read Cathy’s latest post.  We have opposite issues involving our voices.  She gets mistaken for a man, I get mistaken for my daughter, and have since she started answering the phone when she was 8 or 9 years old.    “Honey, is your mommy home?”    Hmmmmm.

And I pray for both our livers!

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