Jamaican Me Californian

Friday, November 27, 2009
Jamaican Martini

Forgive me for backtracking on my posts – I’m about a week behind and starting to forget what I’ve been drinking!  Hmmm – maybe I should be checking myself into AA?  Or maybe just getting more sleep.  It’s been kind of a strange past week or so.  I started a temp job and I have to admit that being back in an office day to day after being out of of work for five months is really a strange feeling.  I’m not going to go into it here but I have a feeling I’ll be posting something on my other blog (Rachel’s Roust) about that.

The Jamaican is parts gin, 1 part red wine, 1 tablespoon dark rum, 3 to 5 dashes orange bitters, cherry peppers for garnish.  It occurred to me after I mixed it up that it was basically the California Martini, but made with gin instead of vodka.  I think in either variety, I have to admit it is an interesting combo.  Not one that I would have picked to taste good.  I think I like the vodka one better, probably given my overall preference for vodka over gin.  I’m wondering now what just red wine mixed with some rum and a few dashes of orange bitters tastes like … other than a headache waiting to happen.  Okay, scratch that.  I’ll stick to mixing it.  I liked the cherry pepper garnish in this, it was good and added a nice bit of (mild) hot pepper spice.  I’m fond of those chopped peppers you can get on a sub sandwich at Submarina (or Subway, but I hate Subway because they cut their bread in such a lame-ass fashion), I think those are banana peppers?  At any rate, they’re very tasty and they don’t blow your head off with the kick of a jalapeno.  The cherry pepper was similar and is a nice thing to bite into when the drink is done and it has soaked up some alcohol.  A solid 4 star rating for the Jamaican – as I said, the California was better in my opinion, but the cherry pepper garnish actually evens the two. 

Side note – as I’m posting this, I’m watching HBO’s re-broadcast of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert, the tail end of it.  I’ve never been a huge Springsteen fan anyway but the fact that Billy Joel sounds better singing “Born to Run” than Bruce does?  Oh dear.  Maybe one of us should have another drink.  And it’s not me.  I’ll probably get flamed by all the Springsteen fans, including my dear friend Jeff, but at a certain point, I think it’s good for a musician to just fess up and admit that they’ve made enough money … and oh dear, was  that Aretha Franklin?  Either that or someone painted the Goodyear blimp red and it touched down on stage.

Try My New Diet! No, Scratch That ...

I don’t cut celebrities much flak for being beached whales, I’m sorry.  I’m no healthy living spokesmodel either, and the last time I saw my abdominal muscles was probably sometime in junior high school.  My biggest target for this kind of wrath is someone like Oprah.  And no, I’m not dissing anyone who adores Oprah, that isn’t my point.  My point is that she should just STFU and admit she is happy being fat.  She is a very pretty woman.  She looks fine the way she is, in fact, I think she looks better with a little more weight on her.  Just don’t try to sell the public on your personal trainer or this diet book  or cookbook or this plan or whatever lifestyle fad or kick you’re onto now, because you’re obviously not sold on it yourself. (And don’t even get me started on Dr. Phil – all I’d like to do with him is drop-kick him over the nearest cliff).  When someone has that much money to throw around and is being paid to be in the public eye, I think you can manage to drop the poundage if you really want to.  And Oprah doesn’t even have pregnancy as an excuse.   Hell, Heidi Klum was just recently on the Victoria’s Secret runway only 6 weeks after giving birth to her fourth child.  That’s motivated.  Would that I could figure out how to bottle that up, I’d be swilling that kind of incentive every damn night.  With a cherry pepper garnish.



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  1. Oh yeah, and I have no idea what the heck happened to the line spacing at the top of the post. I just wasted a good fifteen minutes trying to fix it and finally said to hell with it. No, I wasn’t trying to make some “skinny” (line-spacing) statement to contrast to the Oprah commentary … although I think it’s interesting that the line spacing got f’d up AFTER I dropped in the Oprah photo. Hmmm.

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