The Taming of the Screw(Driver)

December 4, 2009 & November Something-Or-Other, 2009
Frosty Mango Martini

In case you were wondering (which I doubt), my bad puns don’t always just roll readily off the tongue.  The term “screwdriver” this past week seems to be getting a lot of play in various forms in jokes involving Tiger Woods’ infidelity and types of golf clubs.  Ohhh you betcha, I could go there too, but we’ll just stick to Shakespeare for now.

I actually had the Frosty Mango a week or so ago, and naturally didn’t get around to blogging about it, and thus completely forgot my full impression of the drink, and in the interim managed to lose the recipe for it as well.  The recipe for this drink is not in my older version of The Martini Book but is in Sue’s newer one, so I had to ask her for the directions when we were divvying up drinks, which she provided.  I wrote them down, carried it around on a random piece of paper for awhile, and after making and consuming the drink, promptly lost it again.  Sigh.  So not only were my recollections of the drink itself fuzzy, I didn’t even have the recipe to share with you.

Thank goodness for the “Archive” feature of Yahoo Instant Messenger, at least on my home computer.  Tonight I was able to go on there, scroll through a few days’ worth of IM’s from Sue, and voila!  The ingredients for the Frosty Mango.  Given that my can of Kern’s Mango Nectar will spoil within another week, I figured, well, heck, might as well make another one to refresh my memory, right?  Riiiggggghhht.  There’s a good excuse, Cathy.

The ingredients – two ounces mango nectar, two ounces vodka, one ounce triple sec, 1/4 ounce Rose’s lime juice.  First time I made this, I mixed it up to the exact proportions.  Second time around, I modified it a bit – I put in about 2-1/4 ounces of nectar, 3/4 ounce triple sec, and a bit less lime juice.  By jove, I think we’ve got something here.  I could probably add a little more vodka next time around, it actually isn’t a very strong drink as it currently stands (well, at least by my cast-iron-liver standards). 

Now you’ve probably figured out by now that I’m not really crazy about screwdrivers.  The drink, that is.  I find the tool very useful.  But as for the cocktail, I’m just not a big orange juice fan, it’s too acid for me.  Mango nectar is a lot like pineapple orange juice in that regard – sweeter and less acidic.  Which makes this martini just about perfect.  Now I’m not going to give it 5 stars only because I’m not a big fan of fruity drinks, and I’m still a martini purist.  Churchill would be rolling over in his grave at the notion of all that stuff interfering with the vodka, I’m sure.  Although there isn’t any vermouth in this drink, so he’d probably be okay with that.  Also, I tend to think of a martini as being primarily alcohol (probably the reason I like them) vs. mixers.  With non-alcoholic nectar and lime juice, and 40 proof triple sec (although triple sec does also come in a non-alcoholic variety, I honestly didn’t know that until I researched this), this is pretty subdued in terms of alcohol content.  So I’ll give it a 4.25 star rating – it is a good cocktail.  I suspect it would be tastier when mango is in season and you can actually add the fresh mango slice for the garnish as well.  Add some of that mango and sticky coconut rice dessert from a Thai restaurant?  YUM.  Two thumbs up.



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