We Interrupt this Regularly Scheduled Blog …

Okay, time to fess up here, it’s Cathy.  I don’t think we’re going to make it by New Year’s Eve.  I guess in theory Sue and I could both still booze our way through the rest of the book in the next 26 days but we still have a heck of a lot of martinis to make and we’ve both realized that we’re not doing justice to our concoctions when we can’t savor them.  I know if I end up having two different ones in an evening, I tend to forget the nuances of one or the other.  And I usually have a headache the next morning, especially if they were made with different base liquors (vodka vs. gin vs. rum, for instance).  And not that it’s an excuse, but it is the holidays.  There is shopping to be done (not that either of us can afford it), kids’ holiday school programs to attend, cards to send, gifts to wrap, decorating and planning and bill paying.  I just started a new (temp) job and Sue is dealing with a mountain of political crap at hers, and neither of us needs to be thought of as their resident office lush or the one who is perpetually hung over.  All of these issues can really get in the way of good martini savoring!  😦

So, we’re extending our own self-imposed deadline for finishing our 201 martinis to Valentine’s Day instead of New Year’s Day.  This will give us the time we need to properly review each and every drink, both for ourselves and for your sake, dear reader, and to make our way into 2010 with intact livers as well.  And who knows, perhaps we’ll even find a few more drinks to intrigue you with along the way.  I still have to make the Maharaja at home – I have everything but the chai syrup, I’m going to have to order it because nobody I’ve checked carries the stuff, so ’tis off to the Torani website I go.

Now why Valentine’s Day, you ask?  Well, let’s face it.  Valentine’s Day is usually one of those sucky Hallmark Holidays for most of us, whether we’re in a relationship or not.  If you’re not with someone, you think everyone else out in the world is having a lovely, romantic evening with the love of their life and exchanging flowers, candy, bites of chocolate dipped strawberries in a bubble bath, and having the mushy time of their lives.  And if you are with someone, you wonder why the hell they aren’t doing that instead of sitting there like a lump with the remote control in their hand, or they forgot to make reservations, or get you flowers, or buy you a card, or even remember that it’s February.  We create all this stress around a made-up holiday … why?  Anniversaries are for being romantic.  Valentine’s Day is a good day to stay home, avoid the packed restaurants and the prix fix menus, order in, and join us for our final martinis.  ‘Nuff said.

Back with more to savor tomorrow.  Thanks for sticking with us and happy mixing,


~ by rachelroust on December 4, 2009.

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