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December 8, 2009
Martini Milano

After I mixed up tonight’s martini and took a sip and made a somewhat unpleasant face, my younger son asked me what I was doing.  After all, who would purposely mix up something icky to drink?  Well, not me if I had my druthers.  I then told him about this blog that Sue and I are doing.  I’d mentioned it before, but this was the first time either of the kids really showed any interest (they are boys, after all, and 8 and 10, and if it isn’t a website that involves being able to shoot at something, or Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh, they couldn’t care less).  I scrolled through the posts and let him take a look at it, I think on some level he was impressed that his Mommy does something like this, or maybe that’s just my imagination.  🙂  He liked the koala bear avatar on all of my posts (which I borrowed from the Career Builder Super Bowl commercial from 2009 – the kids LOVE the part where the koala in question says “Oh dear,” and gets punched in the face), and of course liked the Space Balls screen shot on one of my earlier posts.  It’s the little things, really.  I explained to him that Sue and I were going to go through all of the recipes in The Martini Book, of which there are 201.  He asked how many I’d had so far, so I ended up having to count.

And thus, the name of tonight’s post.  One martini for every card in a deck.  Yikes.  And still so many to go.  Now as you might have guessed by my earlier comment on my facial expression, I wasn’t fond of this particular mixture, although it is a lovely pinkish-rose shade (from the sweet vermouth and the Campari).  The Martini Milano is 4 parts gin, 1 part dry vermouth, 1 part dry white wine, 1 teaspoon Campari, and a lime twist.  I’ll preface this with saying I am not much of a white wine drinker, it usually gives me a headache.  Then again, so does red wine.  So do martinis.  And my kids.  And the weather.  And being unemployed. And having one of my four cats piss on my Christmas tree skirt a day after I finally find it and put it around the base of the tree.   Okay, scratch that theory.  At any rate, I’m also not crazy about the taste.  This was a decent white wine, too – Estancia Chardonnay.  The martini ends up tasting like … sweet white wine.  Not gin, not Chardonnay, but more like a Chablis.  I guess if you are a fan of sweeter white wines but looking to impress someone with your alcoholic prowess (not sure why one would opt for this) on a date, you could order this drink and still be satisfied.  Just make sure you take some aspirin before bed.  I’ll give it 2.5 stars.  I’d rate it lower but I admit that I have a white wine bias here that most likely interferes with my judgement, so I’m trying to be fair.  And I do have about five other martinis to blog about from previous days – I promise I will get to those, just wanted to get this one in while it was fresh on the tastebuds!


~ by rachelroust on December 8, 2009.

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