Yo Mama Gives an Apple to Harry Potter

December 7, 2009
Mama’s Martini

December 7, 2009
Golden Delicious Martini

I have no idea what makes this “Mama’s” martini.  Frankly, Mama’s martini in my house is the Ketel One bottle, nearly frozen, poured over a couple of olives, with a bottle  of dry vermouth sitting nearby in a windowsill looking on happily, unopened.  This recipe is 6 parts vanilla vodka, 1 part apricot brandy, 3-5 dashes Angostura bitters, and 3-5 dashes lemon juice.  

I think what would have made this work is to tone down the vanilla a bit.  The drink was a little too sweet – generally, vanilla vodka by itself is a bit much, it is VERY sweet to me.  Perhaps half vanilla vodka and half straight would have been more the ticket, and I would have scaled back the bittters and lemon juice.  It wasn’t a bad drink, though, don’t get me wrong.  Just one that I would say had a lot more potential to be a far better drink.  At least it didn’t have Pernod in it.  (You can tell, the Pernod folks aren’t one of our sponsors!  Well, really, nobody is our sponsors, but it sounds good to say that anyway.)  This had a nice yellow-gold color to it, slightly occluded because I used fresh squeezed lemon juice.  Listen to me, “occluded”!  Ha!  Sounds like I’m buying a diamond or something.  Anyway, it was a good drink.  Just not a great drink.  I think mellowing the vanilla taste out a bit would really help.  The apricot brandy is definitely a good addition.  Overall, I’ll give it 3.25 stars. 

The Golden Delicious Martini is in Sue’s newer book, not in mine.  The recipe for it is 2 parts vodka, 1 part apple schnapps, a splash of lime juice, and an apple slice for garnish.  Nice, simple drink.  It’s clear in color, and the taste is, well, a lot like drinking an apple. Not apple juice, mind you, that is much sweeter.  This really did taste a lot like an apple.  I like apples.  I am a bit burned out on apples overall these days  because I think the scent is getting overused in air fresheners and the like, I will admit.  And I tend to like apples with something on them or with them.  Like in apple pie, or dipped into cottage cheese,  or peanut butter.  But for the pure apple fan, this drink would be a two thumbs up.  For me, it was 4 stars as it was, which still doesn’t exactly suck.  What would be interesting is adding just a touch of cinnamon, perhaps via cinnamon schnapps (which I don’t have any of – yet – surprisingly) to this, might make it more like an apple pie taste. 

Curse these black boxes! And where the hell is my schnapps?

I noticed this evening that I think there are at least three, maybe four, mixers in my  cupboard right nowfrom some liquor bottler called “Potter’s”.  I have Peppermint Schnapps, Apricot Brandy, and something else behind the Peppermint … ahh, white creme de cacao, don’t want to repeat the Nyquil green experience of a few weeks back, I think that’s why I got it.  A quick check of BevMo’s website reveals a total of 24 different varieties of liqueurs by Potter’s.  Certainly someone is carving out a business niche for themselves, I had no idea!  Of course, this day and age, mentioning “Potter” most likely elicits a discussion of Harry and the J.K. Rowling books.  Or in my case, a discussion of whether or not Daniel Radcliffe is sufficient age where I wouldn’t get charged with statutory rape, but that’s a different matter.  Prior to publication of the Sorcerer’s Stone, however, I wonder what the name used to conjure up? 

And it appears Cathy has spent too much on vodka again this month ...

  For me, especially at this time of year, it is Old Man Potter from “It’s a Wonderful Life”, a classic crotchety, miserable, rich old man if there ever was one, played to perfection by Lionel Barrymore, probably his most famous role.  As the holidays come whizzing at us faster every year (and every year I am more and more unprepared for them), we can probably all think of a grumpy Mr. Potter we’ve encountered at least once in our lives.  You ever stop to think, maybe all he needed to change his outlook on life was a good stiff martini?  Hmmm.  Yeah, I’m with you – probably not.  Just look at Winston Churchill, all those dry martinis didn’t exactly change him into a ray of sunshine. 🙂 


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