Hot & Dirty meets Old & Rich

December 16, 2009
Old Country Martini

December 15, 2009
Hot and Dirty Martini

Well, that definitely sounds like something out of a porn movie title, doesn’t it?  Or the NC-17 version of Daniel Radcliffe meets Cathy, except I’m just old and far from rich.  (Yeah, you knew you wouldn’t get through this blog without some mention of my Harry Potter lust, didn’t you?). 

Now to explain … up until this evening, I had no idea that Madeira came in two different varieties (or perhaps more, but that’s all they carry at BevMo).  “Rainwater” and “Full and Rich”.  The Old Country Martini, I’m guessing named for perhaps the “old country” of Europe or Spain or Madeira, is 6 parts vodka, 2 parts Madeira wine, 2 parts cherry brandy, and an orange twist.  I needed Madeira, along with a few other things, so I headed on in there.  Which to get for this cocktail?  No idea.  I have never had either one before. But I associate  old country with sweeter, richer things, so I decided on the Full and Rich version instead of Rainwater.  Given all the smog and whatnot in the atmosphere these days, the idea of “rainwater” lacks the appeal it once had for me.  While there, I picked up a few bottles of wine as gifts, currant vodka (finally), so I can tackle my backlog of martinis that call for it, some sake (for the Osaka Martini, coming up later), and a nice spendy bottle of 18-year Jameson’s Irish Whiskey as a gift for a friend.  John got me my current temp job, which, although it is only for a month, has kept the electricity on and is allowing me to pay the mortgage this month, and to me that deserves some major sucking-up.  Besides, if I’m lucky, maybe he’ll crack it open and pour me a glass. 

Back to the Old Country – this is a pretty sweet martini, as you might have guessed.  Maybe I should have gone with Rainwater Madeira, but I doubt with cherry brandy there, that it would make much of a difference.  It’s a very pretty drink, a lovely shade of reddish-orange, probably one of the prettier ones I’ve had by far.  If you like sweet and citrusy drinks, I think you’d like this one.  Has the sweetness of a Cosmo but with more of an acidic bite to it.  I’ll give it a 3.5 star rating.  Not my personal style, but it does grow on you.  I was expecting it to be like (shudder) drinking Pernod or something.  Far from it. 

The other night, I had the Hot & Dirty Martini.  This is one of those ones that I’ve kind of been putting off until I was really in the mood, because I had a good idea of what it would taste like.  Even so, I was mistaken.  The recipe is 6 parts pepper vodka, 1 part dry vermouth, 1 teaspoon olive brine, and an olive stuffed with jalapeno pepper (and yes, I actually already had those in the fridge, I like them).  Well, after the semi-unpleasantness of the Absolut Peppar, you guessed it, I went out and blew the $$ on the Hangar One chipotle pepper vodka.  Ohhhh my.  Kind of like comparing the Taco Bell Hot Sauce packet to Tabasco.  No offense to Taco Bell intended – I actually eat there a few times a month, good cheap food, although not the easiest to eat in the car, at least when I get a taco.  Anyway, I digress as usual …

Having sampled the Hangar One chipotle vodka prior to this, I knew that making this martini with nothing but pepper vodka would be a bad idea.  I went with two parts regular vodka (Ketel One) and four parts of the Hangar One chipotle, just to tone it down a little.  I used a little less vermouth and a little more olive brine, and added a second olive stuffed with blue cheese to go with the jalapeno stuffed one. 

The verdict?  YUM.  I loved this one.  Of course, it’s not one to just sip innocuously at, because it burns all the way down.  But it is definitely tasty.  I usually make a dirty martini (with regular vodka) with a few drops of Tabasco added – no need to do so with this vodka.  I’m tempted to make one of these with the cherry pepper garnish lilke the Jamaican Martini had in it, that would be a nice addition. 4.5 star rating on this one.  Burn, baby, burn.



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2 Responses to “Hot & Dirty meets Old & Rich”

  1. Harry Potter lust is actually prosecutable in several states.

  2. He’s 20 now, I think that’s legal just about everywhere. Besides, he’s British. I think they’re allowed to do stuff younger over there, aren’t they? 😉

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