Semi-Epic Fail

December 18, 2009
Metropolitan Martini

December 18, 2009
Ninotchka Martini

Admittedly, it took me awhile to blog about these ones, namely because the second one, was, well, you see the subject line.  I was hoping to forget about it.  Okay, I DID forget about it.  On purpose.  But let’s take the good before the bad, shall we?

The Metropolitan Martini was your fairly straightforward mix:  6 parts currant vodka, 1 part Lillet blanc, 1/2 teaspoon fresh lime juice, lemon twist garnish.  I hadn’t bought currant vodka prior to this one, Sue took the previous batch of currant vodka drinks.  I got a bottle of Absolute Kurant (blackcurrant flavor), and to be honest, wasn’t expecting much from this drink other than some vile, overly sweet fruity mixture.  It was actually quite pleasant, and the currant vodka is not excessively fruity (in comparison to, say, strawberry vodka, which I also have), and the Lillet blanc does cut down the sweetness.  I enjoyed this cocktail – not a top choice, but I would give it a solid 3.75 stars and if I’m looking for something different (or a reason to use up the rest of the currant vodka in the freezer now that I have … eeeeek … 13 bottles of vodka in there), I would definitely pick this one.  Not bad at all.  Admittedly, Absolut isn’t my first choice of vodka (yes, my friend Mary from my old job would kill me, this is her favorite, but hey, variety is the spice of life, right?), but I have to admit, they have the best advertisements. 

Oh, shut up and drink it already!

The last three years, Absolut has dedicated a specialty blend vodka to a particular city to raise money for a local charity – this year’s was Boston.  Being a native of San Diego, I have to wonder what a San Diego vodka would taste like?  Ocean water, beach sand, and our local tap water (rated in Yahoo’s bottom 10 of worst tap waters?  Hey, there’s something to be proud of!)?  Personally I’ve consumed San Diego tap water for 38 out of my 46 years thus far and I don’t seem to have any major malignancies that are detectable yet, and I keep drinking the stuff because it tastes just fine to me.  I’d have to think a San Diego vodka would taste, well, a bit like oranges, sunshine, tequila, and Mexican food.  Not sure that makes for a good vodka, but it sounds like a good combo.  Maybe oranges and limes and a touch of avocado.  Hmmm.  A bit gross.  Okay, let’s get back to the point.  The Absolut Boston combo is Black Tea and Elderflower.  I’m intrigued but not enough to do hunting it down!  I like Elderflower liqueur in the form of St. Germaine but black tea in a vodka?  I’ll pass.

Moving on to the Ninotchka Martini, which I believe is Russian for “I’m going to vomit now.”  I had no idea there was a 1939 movie of the same title staring Greta Garbo – I hope this has no connection or relationship to her as I’d hate to insult Greta Garbo.  At first taste, the Ninotchka, though an odd combo, wasn’t bad.  (Not saying much).  6 parts vanilla flavored vodka, 2 parts white chocolate liqueur, 1 part fresh lemon juice.  I had Mozart white chocolate liqueur.  Now in retrospect, a variety of white chocolate like the Hiram Walker Cacao White (which is clear vs. creamy) would have been a much better choice for this.  That didn’t really occur to me.  Godiva is the other major white chocolate liqueur, also a creamy variety.  What I didn’t realize is that the combination of the acidic lemon juice with the cream of the white chocolate liqueur mixed with vodka and ice, after a few minutes, has the unpleasant reaction of causing the white chocolate liqueur to curdle.  Yes, curdle.  As in “I’m going to make cottage cheese now” curdle.  Which is just about what it looks like, on a smaller scale.  The taste isn’t really anything to write home about – I mean, there’s a reason you don’t see chocolate-covered lemons for sale in the candy aisle.  Prior to the chemical reaction, I would have given this a 3 star rating for being intriguing but not outstanding.  After that, we’re down to 1 star.  I would give it zero but as I said, I didn’t try the clear variety of liqueur, maybe that makes all the difference.  I tossed this drink out less than halfway through and going down the drain it had the consistency of bleached vomit.  Not that I’d know what that looks like, but let’s all brainstorm and use our imaginations, shall we?  Okay, I think you get the picture.  Yuccch.  Let’s not go there again.

Cheers to a better cocktail next time!


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