Much Ado About Aubergine

April 19, 2010
Wembly Martini

Alas, I really only know of Wembley Stadium, with a different spelling.  Known for large concerts in London and fights between rabid soccer fanatics.  This cocktail involves none of those things.  6 parts gin, 1 part dry vermouth, 1 teaspoon each of apricot brandy and Calvados, garnished with a lemon twist.

Now before I finish sipping this, you may well be asking, “Sue and Cathy, where the hell have you been?”  Good question.  Life has kind of gotten in the way of our blog and finances have gotten in the way of our drinking.  God, I hate when that happens.  I can’t entirely speak for Sue but I think I can safely say that we have both been adjusting to lifestyles of reduced expectations of late, thanks to paycuts, furloughs, lack of job security, upper management B.S., and various other upheavals.  It will take some time to get back to drinking in earnest, not that the desire isn’t there – if anything, doubly so.   Just not the finances or the free time or the unencumbered thought that allows for free-wheeling and entertaining blog posts, which we always try to compose.  We don’t always succeed 🙂 but we do try!

So what suddenly prompted me this evening to get off my sorry bottom and post something?  Guilt, for one, since I haven’t written here in ages.  Being home alone when my boyfriend has plans (he and a couple of business associates are at the ballgame tonight) is another reason, and House doesn’t come on TV until 9 pm.  Last but far from least, I got my Mother’s Day gift (to myself) early this year.  I had a coupon for Z Gallerie and they just came out with these martini glasses I’ve been coveting in a lovely shade of purple, or rather, aubergine (which actually means eggplant, but I guess color names must always be creative – I wonder how the paint people manage to come up with new ones all the time).

The ZGallerie Puccini Collection, in Aubergine. OMG, how pretty are these?

These are pretty enough I would get  a set of 4 of every variety if I could afford them.  As it is, I settled for just the martini glasses.  They are simply gorgeous, a reflective, slightly transparent silver on the inside, deep purple on the outside.  Even milk tastes better out of them.  Or it would, I suspect.  Okay, I haven’t gotten that weird with them yet.  They are hand-wash only, so I tend to refrain from using them for every single beverage I consume, not that it isn’t tempting.

So, perhaps all I needed to get me motivated to posting drinks again was new barware?  Perhaps.  I can’t say as the Wembly is very motivating, but it isn’t bad.  I recently tried some new gin, Blu Zephyr – it has a hint of elderflower to it which gives it a bit of flowery sweetness, just a touch, enough to soften the rough edges of a liquor I normally consider to be fairly rough anyway, namely, straight gin.  It’s pretty decent.  Plus it actually pours out with a blue tint – sort of like I’m always expecting Bombay Sapphire to look like, except it’s clear.  So I used Blu Zephyr, Vya dry vermouth, Calvados, and Potter’s Apricot Brandy.  I increased the latter two ingredients and cut back on the vermouth, but nonetheless this still needs a little tinkering.  The Vya seems like a strong dry vermouth to me, so I think if I mix this again, I’ll use the Noilly Prat instead and stick with less than 1/2 of a part.  I used 1/2 of a tablespoon each of the Calvados and Apricot Brandy.  It makes for a slightly sweet drink with a bit of a bite from the vermouth, but even at a reduced quantity, the Vya overpowers the other two ingredients – I really can’t taste apple (the Calvados) or apricot in here at all. 

All that being said, it isn’t a bad martini, either.  I’ll give this one a 3 star rating and try it again at a later date.  Until then, my aubergine glasses and I bid you adieu!



~ by rachelroust on April 19, 2010.

One Response to “Much Ado About Aubergine”

  1. You quit??? Hope you aren’t turning yellow.
    As a Martini lover….the dirtier the better, I ran
    across your blog accidentally. You really SHOULD publish it in a book and make folks
    like me PAY for the entertainment that you
    have provided for us!

    If you still live and breathe then keep martini-ing!! I highly recommend AGAINST M&Ms which is the evil and dangerous combination of smoking a bit of Marijuana with your Martinis. Friends of mine and I have tested
    this on several occasions but have now sworn off as at 61 years old. — I’d hate to be hauled to the klink!


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