About Us

I'll give you a hint: we're the two girls.

We are Sue and Cathy, old college friends from UC Berkeley, where we met in 1984.  We have always enjoyed writing together, but alas, both find ourselves at places in our lives where either the time or the inspiration to work on fiction novels no longer exists.  We both have young-to-teen children, Sue and her spouse are facing budget cutbacks at work and the stress of organizational changes; Cathy is divorced and has been unemployed for five months and is starting to worry about her home going into foreclosure.  However, even if we can muster a few hundred words, writing has always been an outlet for both of us.  And given that a good martini is one of the few things that makes an evening enjoyable of late, what better subject to blog about than our favorite cocktail?

So here we are, your happy hostesses.  The glasses are chilled and the shaker is at the ready.  Join us on our quest to drink our way through an entire martini recipe book before New Year’s Eve.  🙂  Thanks for reading!

So you can see that I finally (March 2010) got around to putting in a photo of us.  I ran across this when cleaning out a box of stuff from my downstairs storage closet.  I couldn’t even tell you what year this photo is from. I think I was still married, and might have had both kids by then, so I think we’re around circa 2003-2004, I have to check with Sue on this one.  Looking at this photo of the hunks from the Thunder from Down Under show in Las Vegas makes me realize:  I really need a better autograph.


4 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Cathy, My name is Tom Trokey–I am known as the GINman on Twitter and was searching to find anyone else who had tried Zephyr Gin. I am true believer in Zephyr. It is OUTSTANDING and rumor has it they are coming out with a POMEGRANATE FLAVOR with the red tint should be interesting. Anyway I live in OC CA. Thought I would share a recipe for you to try with your Zephyr. Sparkling Peach Izze & Zephyr Gin with a splash of Triple Sec–I have found IZZE to be a great mixer plus it is pure fruuit juice–DRINKING HEALTHY! Hope to hear how you like it!

  2. Hey, Tom, thanks for the suggestion – I will have to watch out for it and give Sue a heads-up – she loves pomegranate flavor. Sounds delicious!

    I discovered I liked Elderflower when I tried St. Germaine liqueur with Hendrick’s gin and muddled cucumber, and a splash of tonic, lime twist. Also very yummy.

  3. Have you ladies disappear? This is @dancelesson (twitter) & http://www.mentalmastication.com (wordpress) and I found your posts amusing but nothing since Apr. 2010?


    • Hi, Erik!
      Thanks for the comment – good question! No, we haven’t disappeared. Just going through some respective dramas in our respective lives – job stress, unemployment, kid issues, and lack of money. Plus we finished all the recipes in the original book. Sue and I live about 500 miles apart (I’m in San Diego, she’s in Oakland), which doesn’t help when the creative juices are lagging, either. However, we are eyeing a couple of new books to drink our way through and I’m flying up to visit her in mid-April, so we’re going to plan Round Two for the blog then, and start in again. Stay tuned!

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